Leveraging over 12 years of digital marketing experience to grow brands.

NAV Marketing Services

NAV offers various marketing services for small business, individuals, and organizations looking to modernize their brand and bring it into the digital age. NAV’s marketing services make it easy to request the next marketing material or branding package that is custom-tailored to suit your needs and goals and are designed to save you time and money. Request your package right here on the website. Marketing Consulting packages are also available if you need direction with taking your projects into the digital world.

NAV Specializes in:

- Long-tail SEO

- Granular-targeting Ad Campaigns

- Landing Pages & Lead Gen.

- Local & Global PPC

- Social Media Campaigns

- Press Release Writing & Distribution

- Over 12 years of experience!


Long-tail SEO

Low-cost Long-tail SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) technique where organic, relevant, visitors are brought to your website that look for exactly what you are offering. For this service we first evaluate your existing presence, then if necessary we create landing pages for specific local directories and search engines. We do keyword research and discover the best keywords to target for the long-term. This is an affordable marketing option as the only costs involved are domains and hosting costs associated with any new landing pages that need to be created and the landing page development costs.

Granular-targeting Ad Campaign help

Probably the most commonly used forms of banner advertising is called Pay-Per-Click, or PPC. Our firm helps you with your PPC campaigns using a modern targeting approach. Many PPC campaign tools are designed to make as much money from the advertiser as possible. Instead our PPC management goes the affordable long-term route by optimizing campaigns using a granular, highly-targeted low-cost alternative. This generates more relevant leads at a more manageable pace at a lower cost, saving costs in other areas of the funnel. Our help applies to both local and global PPC campaigns.

Press Release Writing & Publishing Help

When your company has news, such as a new product launch, a new business launch, or any newsworthy update you can publish what is called a Press Release. This can be distributed to various news organizations who may wish to "pick up" the news and write further about it or republish what you provide as newsworthy information. There are press-release writers, editors, and more that can help with the process. Distribution services can range from free to several thousand dollars and vary widely on their reach or how many different news sources it may potentially be published at. NAV can help you write and distribute a press release. Contact us today for more info.

Landing Pages & Lead Generation

As part of developing a consistent presence online, you may need to create websites or landing pages that help with lead generation or sales, if you are focusing on long-term long-tail SEO you will be creating several landing pages. As part of our service we can help create your pages and ensure they are mobile-friendly as well as prepared to track conversions for your PPC campaign.

Social Media Marketing Help

The first major place your company should be doing online marketing is on Social Media. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, Flipboard, YouTube, LinkedIn, and your own Blog platform, among others. These are various online networks are where you can connect with potential customers or clients. Create an account on each platform and learn about how to leverage posts and hashtags to reach your target audience. If you want to discover who your target audience is, take our free survey here:

Complete Marketing Package

"The Works" The NAVFirm Complete Marketing Package features all of the above and includes a Web Audit and SEO Checkup, Lead Generation and Landing-page creation as necessary.

• Website Design & Development.

• Help setting up Domain and Hosting when necessary.

• Vector logo design if you don't have one. (Free Revisions).

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO Long-Tail) & Landing Page Development.

• LocalChecklist and EDDM help.

• Marketing Action Steps and Google My Business.

• Google, Twitter, and Facebook PPC ads (Granular Targeting) help.

• Social Media Help. (Profiles & Links to Web).

• 1 Press Release and Distribution help.

• Coupon-books & Non-digital Ad Placement help. 

Non-digital Online Marketing 

How can that be? Well, let us explain... there are the non-digital ads that can still link to your website, such as in the newspaper, magazine, or coupon booklet, these are called Local Ads or Classifieds. There is also Direct Mail, which is a program by the USPS to deliver coupons and other information to locally relevant addresses. When you create these forms of marketing you're encouraged to include your website, and social media links to help build a local community around your brand.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a fancy word for "writing that can help" by explaining something or offering something of value to the reader. When a customer or visitor reads your writings regarding anything related to your business, product, or service, they can learn about that topic and if they wish, get more involved with your brand. Often content marketing is done on a blog, then it is posted on social media. Other times it can be in video format and posted on YouTube, a website such as this one, or sometimes it can be in slides or animations. This is why it is typically called "content". Sometimes writings can be published on services such as or "medium".

Product / eCommerce Marketing 

If you're selling a product, you might want to consider reaching a global audience for that product and begin selling online. NAV has experience helping business owners set up and manage their own global eCommerce shops. Not only that, we also have experience running and managing our own eCommerce stores which includes all the steps involved with marketing and raising awareness for our eCommerce stores. NAV helps with all the above marketing services as well as developing a solid eCommerce platform for your business. Contact us today for more information.


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